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Hi guys! My first post here. I've just read a really good H/D/G and you should really give it a try.

Title: Love Lies Bleeding

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: This is a Harry/Draco story, with a small side of Ginny, but the relationship takes a while to develop.

Summary: If you found yourself presented with the opportunity to watch the one you love without them knowing, could you resist the temptation?

Warnings: This is DARK. Character Death (not Harry or Draco), voyeurism, slash, mentions of past het, angst, cutting, suicide. I know; not my usual style at all.
Story Notes:
A/N: This was written after I read a Harry/Draco story where Ginny was painted as the villain of the piece, jealous and spiteful, doing everything in her power to cause problems for these 'two poor misunderstood gay boys'. That got me thinking; how fair is that? And what would you do, if the person you most loved suddenly turned out to be someone that you didn't know, and someone that you couldn't have...
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